About Planting Traction

I know of no better way of improving the health of your business than by planting Traction and the EOS® System deep within the roots your company.

I will join you in a journey to plant Traction and will help you get everything you want our of your business. We will work on your business rather than in your business. I won’t come to you as an expert about your industry – that’s your role. I will come to you as an EOS® expert. And as EOS® becomes your company’s way of life, you won’t need me any longer. My job is to teach you the tools to plant EOS® deep within the “soil” of your company, make sure it’s working and bearing lots of fruit … and then get the heck out of your way. My goal is to create an environment of independence — not dependence. My mission is to help your business get healthy so that you finally see the fruits of all your labor.

I believe everything is programmed to grow if the environment is healthy. In fact, I consider it to be a primary Law of the Universe. Simply put, if something – whether it be a seed, a person or your business– is in a healthy environment, it will grow, flourish and bear fruit. Sadly, though, if that same seed, person or business is in an unhealthy environment, it will struggle to grow and, if nothing is done to change the environment, it will eventually wither and die. The key to optimize health for any living thing is that it grows in a healthy environment. For plants, that’s the soil. For people, it’s their family and support systems. For businesses, it’s the environment that includes vision, people, data, issues, processes and ability to get things done. Once EOS® has taken root and permeates every part of your business, your business is designed to flourish.