The EOS® Model

What is The Entrepreneurial Operating System®?

EOS® is a complete, proven system with simple, practical tools that has allowed thousands of entrepreneurs to get everything they want out of their businesses. EOS® harmonizes all the moving parts of your business and keep you focused on the things that must get done to achieve your vision. It addresses all issues rather than dealing with problems in isolation, which then create unintended consequences.

Implementing EOS® will help you achieve extraordinary results because your entire organization is rowing in the same direction. By mastering this “way of operating,” your company improves systemically and permanently. You get to the point where your entire organization is focused, engaged, sharing a common vision, disciplined, accountable, executing well and advancing as a healthy, functional, cohesive team.

The EOS® Model is made up of six key components that applies to every organization.  All issues stem from a weakness in one or more of these areas.  Often times, problems are actually symptoms of the root cause.  As you know, if you treat the symptom without addressing the real issue, often times the problem gets worse – and frustration ensues. You must address the root cause and The EOS® Model is designed to help you do that.

This model provides a visual illustration of The Six Key Components that must be strengthened for any business to become a great business.


Crystallize your vision and get everyone 100% on the same page with where you are going and how you are going to get there. You will answer 8 simple questions and then have it shared by your entire organization.


You can’t achieve a great vision without a great team. We cut through all the jargon, A-players, superstars, top-quartile, etc, and define what makes for great people in your unique organization are and then work to get them in the right seats.


We will teach you how to start managing your business based on the numbers that actually drive results, not numbers based on feelings, egos or emotions. This will give you a realistic pulse on your business and create a culture of accountability and a focus on results.


You can’t be a great company unless you are great at solving issues.  We teach every client a method to solve issues in an efficient way so that your issues are set up, knocked down and they go away forever.


A key ingredient to building a healthy business is documenting your core business processes and getting them followed-by-all with absolute consistency. This allows you to scale your business and ensures everyone is doing the right things, the right way, every time.


We create discipline and real accountability necessary to execute on every aspect of your vision. We do that with weekly meetings and being clear about which priorities are the most important. It is taking your vision down the street level and executing on it every day.

EOS® allows you to:

  • Use a common language so that everyone speaks the same language and is focused on the right things.
  • Clarify your vision and ensures that it is shared by everyone in the organization.
  • Use a set of proven tools and effective disciplines to execute consistently in all areas of the business.
  • Reduce complexity, especially as you grow.
  • Increase Team Health and helps reinforce the positive aspects of your company culture.
  • Drive results and profits.